NHancer guide wire support catheter

The NHancer guidewire support catheter is a product to make a change in the ability to let you safely cross severe diseased vessels with your 0.014" guidewire of choice. [..] Read more...




»  Step changing guide wire crossability
»  Significant torque enhancement
»  Reduced procedure time in complex cases
»  Reduced X-ray and contrast media

NDurance hydrophilic medical coating

The revolutionairy NDurance hydrophilic coating is a newly developed biocompatible lubricious coating typically used in combination with Class I-III medical device applications. [..] Read more...


»  Proven best in class hydrophilic coating
»  Very low static friction
»  Strong trombogenesity reduction
»  Fully biocompatible
»  Can be used on Class I-III medical devices

Pediatric OR equipment PediStirrup

The solution for paediatric laparoscopy and other paediatric procedures requiring lithotomy positioning, especially where intra-operative re-positioning may be required. [..] Read more...


»  Best in class product
»  Adjustable during surgery procedure
»  Laser alignment
»  CE marking and FDA registration